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70 Years of Grace and Beauty

During my most recent visit home to Oregon, my mother allowed me to recreate a photo taken of her on Easter Sunday, 1941, when she was six years old.  She stood in the same spot in front of her lilac … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day, and I hope you like your elephant.

There comes a point in many people’s lives where they don’t need any more stuff.  My parents, and myself too for that matter, have reached that point.  For birthdays and other gift giving holidays, they don’t  expect or want us … Continue reading

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Is it possible to love a car?

BMW Z3 with a 3.0 engine and 5 speed stick shift.  I think the answer is yes, you can love a car.  The car I love is not new and exotic, and I didn’t really know I loved the car until … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend in Oregon: Lessons in genealogy and a vineyard horseback ride.

With 5 days off from work, I headed to Oregon for the Memorial Day weekend and my sister Katy’s birthday.  It was typical spring weather in Oregon, mostly cloudy skies with brief moments of heavy rain, followed by patches of sun, … Continue reading

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