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North Seymour Island and Santa Fe Island (day 5) & Floreana Island (day 6)

We started the morning by touring North Seymour Island, known for its nesting frigate population. After our frigate bird observations we again donned our wetsuits and snorkeled along the shore of the same island. The water was cool and choppy. … Continue reading

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Sombrero Chino Island, and Santiago Island, James Bay (Day 3) & Genovesa Island, Darwin Bay Beach and Prince Phillip’s Steps (Day 4).

Overnight we had motored to Sombrero Chino Island. It is a tiny cone island off the coast of Santiago Island. This is one of the few places you can see the Galápagos penguin. After breakfast we climbed into the pangas … Continue reading

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Exploring the Galápagos Islands on the Evolution

600 miles west of mainland Ecuador, The Galápagos Islands are home to many species of wildlife that never learned to fear humans. We landed on San Cristobal Island and were met by the crew of the M/V Evolution, operated by … Continue reading

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Quito, Ecuador

Here we are in Quito, one of the oldest capital cities in South America and second highest capital city in the world. Quito is at 9,350 feet, while La Paz, Bolivia is at 11,976. It was an easy five hour … Continue reading

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