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Sombrero Chino Island, and Santiago Island, James Bay (Day 3) & Genovesa Island, Darwin Bay Beach and Prince Phillip’s Steps (Day 4).

Overnight we had motored to Sombrero Chino Island. It is a tiny cone island off the coast of Santiago Island. This is one of the few places you can see the Galápagos penguin. After breakfast we climbed into the pangas … Continue reading

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Hanko to Turku

Reluctantly we left our friends in Hanko and drove to Turku. We will be spending Midsummer in the Finnish archipelago. True to the road signs, we did see a moose. It crossed the road just outside of Hanko. So far … Continue reading

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Springtime in Oregon

Lilacs are my favorite flower, but timing a visit to Oregon while they are blooming is problematic.  This past winter and spring have been very cold and rainy in Oregon, so most plants are a few weeks behind what they … Continue reading

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First Ride

This past March I purchased a classic motorcycle sight unseen, but at the recommendation of my sister.   It is a 1987 BMW K75.  It wasn’t until this Memorial Day weekend that I got to see and ride my new … Continue reading

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On the trail of the black rooster in Tuscany

After spending the previous day pounding the hot streets of Florence, we took a day to drive into the countryside.  We headed south out of Fiesole, skirting just around Florence and picked up a narrow road leading to the town … Continue reading

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Mystery solved

The results are in.  Ian’s DNA test came back as Scottish Terrier the predominant breed, and “in the mix” are Chihauhau and American Water Spaniel.  The Chihauhau I had already guessed, but the American Water Spaniel was quite a surprise. … Continue reading

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Backyard Pool Project: the anatomy of a pool.

I love before and after pictures, and having spent months working on this project, it was perfect for comparisons. Backyard before, looking NW: Backyard afterwards, looking NW: Backyard before, looking SW: Backyard after, looking SW: \ The big dig: The … Continue reading

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What’s In An Emblem?

Anyone who knows me, knows I love cars.  My favorite television show is BBC’s Top Gear.  I was watching it the other night when they featured the new McLaren and toured the factory.  I noticed the McLaren logo and my first thought was … Continue reading

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Speed Dating 101

    OK, I’m willing to admit I tried it.  I am a fan of the Sex and the City HBO series, and a particularly funny episode included Miranda giving speed dating a try.  It is also a scene in the … Continue reading

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Diana, A Celebration

When it is 15 degrees outside, I tend to look for indoor activities.  Luckily for me, the Grand Rapids Art Museum is hosting the Diana, A Celebration exhibit.  So I spent Thursday Jan. 20th at GRAM.  The exhibit is nine … Continue reading

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