My mother and I spent the first week of September 2003 on the small cruise ship Wilderness Discoverer, 90 passengers, exploring the inland waterways of Alaska’s southern coast.  We began our journey in Sitka, stopping in Haines City, Petersburg, Glacier Bay, and ending in Juneau.  The small size of the boat was what attracted us to Glacier Bay Cruise Lines, my first cruise experience.

In Sitka.




Fishing boats in Sitka.


Humpback whales


Lowering the kayaks

My mom and I tried the kayaks several times. We got very close to seals and sea otters.

A grizzly bear on the shore. This is as close as we got to bears.

Searching for wildlife.

Me and my mom on the Wilderness Discoverer, in front of a glacier.

My mom on the Wilderness Discoverer.


The Red Dog Saloon in Juneau.


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  1. alice nielsen says:

    HOw nice to see those pictures on the computer! Looks nice.

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