Costa Rica

Costa Rica's Pacific coast, the Osa Peninsula

I stayed in two different rain forest lodges when I visited southern Costa Rica;  Lapa Rios and Bosque Del Cabo.  They were both delightful, with wonderful food, friendly staff, and close encounters with the local fauna.  Lapa Rios was pretty high end, having hosted celebrities and royalty in the past.  Bosque Del Cabo’s guest cottages did not have electricity or hot water, but it was fun and a great place to stay and get close to nature.  I enjoyed them both.  The dinners at Bosque Del Cabo were served by candle light at a large communal talbe, and they were the best I experienced in Costa Rica.

We actually stayed in this room, that made the post card for the resort. Lapa Rios.

Lapa Rios

Bosque Del Cabo

On the porch of our cottage, Bosque Del Cabo

Red Eyed Green Tree Frog

The view from Lapa Rios



Poison dart frog


As we were walking the beach, I saw this strange sight approaching.  It was unclear what it was until they got very close.  What a surprise.

Where did you come from and where are you going?


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  1. Perla Ni says:

    Hi! I really enjoyed your photos. We’re a family planning travel to Costa Rica. We have kids who are crazy about animals and want to learn as much as possible. Of Lapas Rios vs. BDC, which location had the better guides?

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