Costa de Azahar; driving the coastline from Granada to Barcelona

Spanish coastline, southeast of Granada

A square in Valencia

Fountain at night in Valencia. Valencia has some of the best night lighting of fountains and buildings.

Valencia street. Photo Credit: Teresa Favazza

Valencia oranges at the Mercado Central/Central Market Valencia

Mercado Central, Valencia

Peñíscola, Spain. Spanish modern art fountain (foreground) and the 13th century Castillo de Peñíscola (background).


Peñíscola beach

A room inside the Castillo de Peniscola

Looking into the castillo stables



This 10th century fortification in Tortosa is now The Castillo de la Zuda, a parador.

The coastline between Tortosa and Barcelona

C-31 Carretera de Barcelona a Valls

Motorcyclists love this twisting, scenic road.


Many of the roundabouts have artwork in the center.

Arrival in Barcelona.

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