October Wind Storm

Just a few days ago, the trees were full of colorful leaves.  The colors have been so vibrant, I’ve almost run off the road looking at the beautiful trees, even in my own neighborhood.  In the park across from where I am living, the trees have turned from green, to yellow, to orange and red.

A tree in Holland, Michigan.


A few days ago in the park

Today we have a high wind warning, and the last of the leaves are flying off the trees.  I tried to catch some of the leaf movement in photographs.  With the winds today gusting up to 56 mph, tomorrow there will be few leaves left on the trees. 

A miniature leaf cyclone.

The day after the wind storm, Oct. 27th, it is still pretty windy.  The trees are nearly stripped bare of leaves.

All the leaves are gone

The same trees taken two weeks ago on Oct. 11th

Gently falling leaves two weeks ago.

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