Maine Favorites

I spent another few days in Maine this November.  Tourist season is definitely over, evidenced by the cool and cloudy weather.  What do you do in Maine when it’s cold?  We visited our favorite places, discovered a few new ones and tried a mug of steaming hot spiced mead.  Teresa, Joanie and I enjoyed another girls day out, beginning with our favorite antique store, Antiques on Nine, in Kennebunk Lower Village.  This is a wonderful place full of antiques, unusual items, decorating ideas, and much more.  I always manage to find something I like, Teresa bought a long wooden mould used in the past for rising bread, and Joanie has her eye on an old dining room table for the new house she and Steve are building. 

Preparing for the cold weather!

 We stopped by Snug Harbor Farm, a landscape and pottery store, that is home to an interesting collection of chickens, ponies, pigeons, plants, and statues.  For lunch we chose The Maine Diner in Wells, a popular local eatery.  No trip to Kennebunkport is complete without a stop at Return to Cinda, the best clothing consignment shop in the area.  This trip netted me a fabulous black leather jacket for a more than reasonable price (see photo above).

Snug Harbor Farm (Photo Credit Teresa Favazza)


Pigeons at Snug Harbor Farm. (Photo Credit Teresa Favazza)

At Teresa’s suggestion, on my solo day I toured the Portland Museum of Art.  The exhibit I specifically wanted to see was the Debating Modern Photography, The Triumph of Group f/64.  It was a very interesting exhibit that anyone who has ever picked up a camera would enjoy.  But my true discovery came when I browsed the rest of the museum.  On the third floor I found a painting by Dahlov Ipcar.  The painting is called Blue Savanna, and I fell in love with it.  The museum shop sold me a notecard with the image, and then brought out a book by Carl Little, The Art of Dahlov Ipcar (Down East, 2010).  The book went home with me that afternoon, and I became a Dahlov Ipcar fan.

Wildebeests and Zebras, by Dahlov Ipcar. Cover painting from The Art of Dahlov Ipcar, by Carl Little.

Dahlov Ipcar is a Maine artist, and although new to me, she is not new to Maine.  Dahlov Ipcar was born in 1917 and has lived in Maine since 1923.  She currently resides in Georgetown Island, Maine.  Her artwork, colorful paintings of animals, is available at Frost Gully Gallery.  The following day Teresa and I drove up to the gallery in Freeport, and met and spoke with Thomas Crotty, the gallery director, and an artist himself.  The gallery has a half dozen or so paintings by Ipcar offered for sale.

Amboseli - Kudo and Wild Dogs, from The Art of Dahlov Ipcar.

Ipcar's Golden Nyika

Dahlov Ipcar painting offered for sale at the Frost Gully Gallery

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  1. Joanie says:

    Another fun blog. Love the new painting. Steve sends you an OMG, hahaha! Will miss your next visit, I know you will however enjoy the warmer weather. Have a nice Thanksgiving. joanie

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