A Lion in Winter

A lion at Grumeti camp, Tanzania; Barcley

During my recent move from Florida to Michigan, I wasn’t alone.  My two cats were forced to make the move as well.  They weren’t happy about it and made their feelings known.  In Florida they were inside/outside cats with their own kitty doors, spending most of their time outside.  They loved lounging in the sun and hunting for mice, lizards and snakes.  Barcley is the closest thing you can find to a lion that weighs less than 20 pounds.  He walks like a lion, loves to stalk prey and is very aggressive.  The transition from outside Florida cat to inside Michigan cat has been rough.  Our first location in Holland did not have any outside access for the cats.  Our new place in Grand Rapids has a deck.  After a night of continuous snow, the deck had a nice covering, so Barcley got his first real taste of Michigan winter.  

The King of Beasts, surveying his domain.

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1 Response to A Lion in Winter

  1. Joanie says:

    Ryan has a cat named Frankie, a Vegas pound kitty. Well Frankie made a move, first to Maine in the fall and then to North Conway, New Hampshire. When Frankie first came to Maine, it must of seemed like he had entered OZ, green trees, squirals and birds! All Frankie, an inside kitty, did was set in the window and stare at everything. Then he moved to NH, coooooooold. Frankie spent most of that winter sitting on a radiator and watched it snow. Now Frankie is home again in Vegas, he did take a little trip into the dessert, bad Frankie, but only once. Poor Frankie, no color, no grass, no squirals only sand. Moral of the story…. do not live in Vegas 🙂

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