Icicles hanging from the roof.



When icicles are hanging from the roof and the temperature dips below the zero mark on the Fahrenheit scale, I turn to comfort food and wool clothing.  Having been raised by parents who were either from  the old country, or whose grandparents were, some of my comfort food is from scandinavia.  We grew up with certain foods and traditions, and now I find I can’t live without them.  Here are the best of Norway and Sweden that I can’t live without:

Norwegian Goat Cheese, Gjetost

Gjetost, Norwegian Goat Cheese

Swedish Flat Bread

Swedish Crispbread

Norwegian Twist candies by Freia

Swedish Dalecarlian horse, Dalahäst


Norwegian woolens; sweater, scarves and mittens

Norwegian sweater, by Dale of Norway

Swedish Dalecarlia chocolates

Dalecarlian chocolates

Norwegian Rosemaling painting

Telemark style Rosemaling, by Ethel Kvalheim

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