Cape Town, South Africa

The Victoria and Alfred waterfront, Cape Town, with Table Mountain in the background.

The cable car up to the top of Table Mountain.

Another birthday is approaching, so that means another trip.  This year my sister has joined me in Cape Town, and the Western Cape of South Africa.  We endured the over 20 hours of flight time and landed in Cape Town Sunday night, Feb. 26th.  We are here in the city for two nights, then the Cape Peninsula area for two nights, after which we pick up BMW F650s and head out for 5 days of touring the Western Cape area.  Our motorcycle ride is followed by three nights in the wine country.

Cape Town from Table Mountain.

For our first full day in Cape Town we headed straight up to Table Mountain.  It was a clear day and the locals suggested the cable car up to the top of Table Mountain.  No “table cloth” today, it remained clear.  It is a stunning view, and full of tourists.  Oh well, we are part of the tourist crowd here.

The top of Table Mountain

Looking south from Table Mountain, along the west coast and the Atlantic Ocean.

After Table Mountain we walked the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, which reminded both of us of the Sydney Harbor area.  The people here are friendly and the atmosphere casual and fun-loving.

Cape Grace hotel, sailboat and Table Mountain.

Craft shop with baskets, and more.

Shopping was on the menu today with the waterfront area able to satisfy just about anyone’s taste.  I purchased only one basket so far, a few bracelets, but was disturbed by the abundance of zebra skin accessories.

Zebra skin accessories.

With over 6 sunset cruise options, we figured that was a must do, followed by dnner on the waterfront was crowded, but fun and the food was excellent.

Champagne sunset cruise.

Cape Town at sunset.

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