The Coast Is Clear

“The tourist traps are empty,

The air is turning cool,

They’re shutting down the super slide,

The kids are back in school.”

The nearly deserted Old Orchard Beach.

Jimmy Buffett may have been singing about Key West, Florida but it also applies to the coast of Maine.  By October most of the tourists have left.  The beach is mostly clear and the Old Orchard Beach carnival rides are shut down.

The only people left on the beach are dog walkers and very determined surfers.

Old Orchard Beach carnival rides have shut down for the season.

We spent one lunch and afternoon in Knnebunkport, one of my favorite little Maine coastal towns.  Some of the restaurants and shops were closed, but not my favorite shop, Dannahs.  Kennebunkport is a year round spot, and we did see some tourists in town.

The church in Kennebunkport.

Stripers dining room, where we had lunch. Nearly empty, but the food was excellent.

Stripers back lawn.

Dannah’s, my favorite shop in Kennebunkport, stays open year round.


Sitting in front of Dannah Gifts.


A beautifully decorated house in Kennbunk, Maine.

Parts of Maine are past peak for the leaves turning colors, but we still saw some beautiful trees.

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1 Response to The Coast Is Clear

  1. Joanie says:

    As a true Mainer, this is the time of year that we Mainers live for… We have our beaches and towns back. A better day cannot be found than to take a walk through fallen red leaves under that blue blue sky. Could not leave the change of seasons behind.

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