White Pearl Resort, Ponta Mamoli, Mozambique

White Pearl Resort, Mozambique

White Pearl Resort, Mozambique

We had four nights at White Pearl along the coastline, situated in a protective bay.  The first day the winds were strong out of the south as we walked around the point, but the resort was protected from the wind.  Our days followed a predictable routine; an early morning walk on the beach at 6 or 7 am, breakfast, more beach combing, lounging in the shade during the heat of the day, sundowners, and dinner. It was just the sort of routine I was looking for after our busy days of game drives and sight-seeing. 

breakfast tray

breakfast with a view

pool + day beds

The resort was beautiful, the staff subtle.  We had our own butler, Aboo, who would set up the beach cabana or bring us champagne, or whatever else we needed.  Augie was told he was welcome to play the beautiful white baby grand, and he took full advantage of it.

Augie playing


room with a view

We had a great day on Saturday with partly cloudy skies and warm temps.  It was nice to have a few days with nothing scheduled and only relaxation on the menu.  The beach was nearly deserted and stretched as far as you could see.  We walked north and south, finding the best shells on the southern beach.  There seemed to be thousands of beach crabs scurrying down the beach as the ocean receded, then were washed back up onto the sand with the inbound waves.

beach crabs

beach crab

Laura on the beach

Sunday morning brought a Mozambique rainy season squall, but we walked the beach anyway.  As the rain passed, we gathered on the beach.  The clouds cleared and the sun came out, so we asked Aboo to bring us a bottle of Gramm Beck sparkling wine and we again toasted our good fortune at being in such a beautiful spot.  Sunday evening was beautiful.

Katy by the pool


bubbly on the beach

beach toast


Boma sundowners

We enjoyed sundowners around a bonfire in the boma area.  The food was excellent, mostly seafood, but they always had a vegetarian selection as well.  Augie played the piano for all the guests at dinner.

dinner piano

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