Göta Canal Day Four

We had motored through Lake Vänern during the night.  The sunrise was spectacular, and very early.

sunrise 1

sunrise 2

Lake Vänern is at 48.3 meters above sea level.  On this day, the last day of the Classic Canal Cruise, we end in Goteborg (Gothenburg) on the west coast, and sea level.  After breakfast we arrived at Trollhättan.   The Trollhättan locks are a staircase of four locks, dropping 32 meters.

There are three lock systems here, the two oldest not in use.  We toured the Trollhättan Canal Museum, watching a very interesting film on the history and construction of the lock system.

Nils Ericson walk

The Old Locks

oldest lock

oldest lock from the bottom

Then we followed the Nils Ericson Walk, a self guided tour of the old lock system, first built in 1800.  The second set of locks were built in 1844.  Once a year they celebrate “Falls Day” and let the water flow over the original falls.  I think they told us it was one day in July.

The Second Locks  From 1844

second lock

Even though we’d been watching the lock procedures for four days, I still found it fascinating, and these locks were the deepest ones yet.

The following series of photos were taken as we descended from the top of Trollhättan and into the second level.  The new canal office, on the left as we descended, was built in 1935.

top of Trollhattan

T 1

T 2

T 3

T 4

T 5

T 6

T 7

Captain Albert

After descending the Trollhättan Locks, we cruised the river towards Goteborg and sat down to our last lunch on the Juno.

along the river


lunch menu

fish soup last lunch

fish soup

strawberry cake

On the river we passed one of the Juno’s sister ships, the M/S Diana.  She is the youngest of the three ships, launched in 1931.  It is customary for the younger ship to blow their horn first, and the older ship answers.


purple fiels

At the dock in Goteborg the crew lined up for farewells.


K shakes hands



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2 Responses to Göta Canal Day Four

  1. Anna Carin Börjeson says:

    Thank you for a wonderful “diary” from our voyage on the canal.
    Björn and Anna who were on the boat together with you.

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