Last Days In Grenada


Grenada is a tropical island, and it needs rain to be as lush and green as it is.  I got about a day and a half of rain, and it was nice.  Great time to use the spa.


The wind picked up and the waves grew stronger.  No one swam in the ocean for a day or two and you could hear them crashing all night.

Laluna’s Spa:


The Spa Lounge:

spa lounge


The Spa Rooms:

spa rooms


Between the beach and spa building is the yoga pavilion.  Between the dining room and the yoga pavilion are the kitchen herb gardens.

yoga pavillion


Eventually the rain ended and the sun came out again.

L at Laluna


The Conch I Found On The Beach:


The Laluna Dining Room:


dining room interior

Octopus Salad:

octopus salad

birthday cake

rainy sunset

This moon carving presides over the pool side bar and lounge.

moon man

And this odd coconut shell head man presides over the dining room.

Laluna man

This little guy shared my porch with me for several days.  He enjoyed scrambled eggs and eventually canned cat food after a quick trip to the local super market.  I would have loved to bring him home, but he seemed very happy with his current circumstances.


I highly recommend Laluna as a friendly, comfortable and relaxing place to stay when visiting Grenada.


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