On The Road Again; Portland to John Day and the Chief Joseph Rally

IMG_3847 (2)

A yearly event since the 1970s for the BMW Riders Of Oregon is the Chief Joseph Rally.  The first several years the rally was held in Joseph, Oregon, named for the famous Nez Perce Chief (Nez Perce call themselves Niimiipuu).  It is now held in John Day, Oregon.


We pulled out of Portland, Oregon around 0930 for the 270 mile ride.  We chose to ride Highway 26 the entire day, which takes you over Mt. Hood and the Wapanitia Pass at Government Camp, across the high plains desert, and through the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.  We stopped for lunch in Madras.


The prettiest part of the ride was from Prineville, Oregon, through the Ochoco National Forest, and into John Day.

Ochoco rest stop

Ochoco rest stop signs


Hwy 26 near Mitchell

John Day map

We rode through Picture Gorge, just past the Highway 19 turn off on 26 and continued eastbound through Dayville and Mt. Vernon into John Day.  This part of the ride is mostly farm land, dotted with old barns and surrounded by dry hills.

John Day 36 miles



picture gorge

red barn


barn 3

barn 2

Many of the rally participants camp, but we rented a beautiful house through AirB&B on a hill overlooking the small town of John Day.  We pulled into our rental house around 5:30 pm.


IMG_3830 (2)

IMG_3834 (2)

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4 Responses to On The Road Again; Portland to John Day and the Chief Joseph Rally

  1. Augie & Teresa Favazza says:

    Oregon has nice barns, love the big red one!
    Think of all the horses you could have there🐴

  2. harry says:

    very nice theme layout

  3. Rich says:

    Beautiful countryside! I love your approach to camping!

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