Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (Mosi-oa-Tunya, The Smoke That Thunders)


I had read that August was a good month to visit Victoria Falls.  It is the time of year when the water volume is not too much, and not too little.   Before seeing it for myself, I had wondered how too much water could be a problem.  When you experience the spray/mist, then you understand.  There are times when you can’t see the waterfall for the water (spray and mist).


We had two nights in the town of the same name, and one full day.  If you want pictures of the falls with rainbows, the afternoon is the time to visit.  Having been in the bush for days, (no shopping), we spent the morning walking between the small shops in town and poking around for souvenirs.  The town was a short walk from our guest house.



I purchased an incredibly detailed painting of an African Wild Dog from a young Zimbabwean man named Isaac.  My wild dog obsession continues.




Lunch at the Lookout Cafe was recommended, so we tried it.  It has a great view.  We could see the Victoria Falls Bridge connecting Zimbabwe to Zambia from our table.  We also watched people enjoying a zip line experience.




From the entrance of the falls, there is a path along the ridge opposite the falls.  It is very much a rain forest, and you will get wet.  There are 16 view points from the Zimbabwe park side.


Viewpoint 1 is of the Devil’s Cataract.

Viewpoint 1:


Viewpoint 2 has steps leading down to viewing area, and is a great spot for afternoon rainbows.  We were not disappointed.


Viewpoint 2:



Viewpoints 3 – 6 are also of the Devil’s Cataract, where the main volume of water is concentrated.  There is a lot of spray in this area.


Viewpoints 7 and 8 are The Main Falls.



Viewpoints 9 through 12 are of the Main Falls and Livingstone Island.  They say Livingstone lowered a bullet attached to a string into the gorge to measure the height from this island.


Viewpoints 13 and 14 are of Horseshoe Falls and Rainbow Falls.


The path between viewpoints 13 and 15:


Viewpoint 15 is called Danger Point.  You can see the boiling pot below and the Eastern Cataract on the Zambian side.  This part is dry during the dry season.

Viewpoint 15:



We got thoroughly soaked between viewpoints 13 and 15, then walked out to viewpoint 16 to see the Victoria Falls Bridge.


We followed the rain forest trail back towards the entrance and stopped for a cappuccino at the Rain Forest Cafe.  It was the best coffee we had had in a long time as many of the bush camps only served Nescafe.



Just outside the gate to the park is another souvenir area, for all your last minute shopping needs!


This next photo is not mine, but from the Victoria Falls website.  We did not do the helicopter photo flight, which must be popular as we heard them constantly from sunrise to sunset.




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4 Responses to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (Mosi-oa-Tunya, The Smoke That Thunders)

  1. Augie & Teresa Favazza says:

    Spectacular Falls!

  2. Rich says:

    Beautiful pictures – so many rainbows! The falls are absolutely immense! Good find with the painting – it is amazingly life-like.

  3. augie's says:

    Special place especially with the rainbows. Ian might get jealous over the wild dog obsession.

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