The Old Men (and Woman) and the Sea

We pulled out of the resort at 0515 am, headed to the small port town of San Juan del Sur. There we loaded up Hog Tide, a 32′ Panga, with coolers of food and beverages.

I was impressed with the detailed mural on the side of a building on the dock. A true work of art.

Our last stop before heading seaward was the bait shop. This one was right in the harbor.

As we waited for the bait, one of the fishermen held up a turtle from the net. I was concerned at first for the well being of the turtle, but I shouldn’t have been. The turtle was released.

As we cruised towards open water, José and Dorian rigged the trolling lines. In no time at all, we were hit by a barrage of Bonita.

Yana has a fish on.

The Bonita were biting, and everyone pulled in several.

At one point there were fish on three lines. All hands on deck.

Jim and his Bonita.

After the Bonita bonanza we cruised south. The highlight of the day for me was seeing the Humpback whales.

Someone requested a Roosterfish so Dorian steered the boat to an area known for them. Like clockwork, the lines went in the water and all three anglers got one. They are catch and release.

Jim releases his Roosterfish.

Yana and Jim make a toast with the local beer.

José and Dorian,

With the sport fishing checked off the list, we needed to catch something for dinner. We headed north along the coast passing San Juan del Sur. José and Dorian must have known what they were doing because once again, we got what we were looking for, Jack Crevalle and Mackerel.

Tucker’s Jack Crevalle.

Yana got her Jack.

Jim’s Jack.

Jim also got a Needlefish.

The final catch of the day were the Mackerel.

With all the fish coolers full we headed back into port.

The day’s catch.

The anglers celebrate.

Gabriel was at the dock to welcome us and inspect our haul. He is a chef as well as running the resort and was anxious to see what we had caught for dinner. We stopped at a few shops in San Juan del Sur, in search of a few bottles of Sauvignon Blanc. We found some Argentinian wine and drove back to Orquidea Del Sur.

The streets of San Juan del Sur.

Hog Tide Fishing

San Juan del Sur.

The Mackerel.

Today, September 15th, is Nicaragua’s Independence Day. In 1821 Nicaragua, along with Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras declared their independence from Spain. Happy Independence Day!

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2 Responses to The Old Men (and Woman) and the Sea

  1. Rich says:

    Looks like it was a fantastic day on the water! You caught enough fish to feed the entire village and had a whale show as an added bonus!

  2. Teresa Favazza says:

    Like the whale Show but sorry for the poor
    Fish 🎣🐠

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