Uruguay, first impression.

A street corner in Montevideo.

The nonstop flight from Miami to Montevideo landed around 0945 am. It was nearly a nine hour flight.

On the drive from the airport to the old town district, we followed the coastline south. Most of the waterfront appeared to be public green spaces. We saw many people walking dogs on leashes and jogging.

We are staying near the port, in The Don Hotel. It’s a good location for walking the old town district.

The city streets are clean, and the people friendly. Most restaurant and shop workers speak a little English. Sometimes just a little.

Upon arrival we crashed for a few hours, then walked around in the afternoon. Midday temperatures are mid 80s.

An art shop featuring local artists near the port.

We saw many dogs and a few cats. They all seemed in good physical condition and none acted scared or aggressive. There were shop cats, and dogs hanging out near the restaurants.

Our hotel is right across from the Mercado del Puerto. It is just like what I saw in Spain, a large open building with mostly restaurants and food shops inside.

The Mercado del Puerto
Inside the Mercado del Puerto

Walking the streets we saw some interesting street art and graffiti.

A few of the graffiti had a common theme. Someone here in Montevideo has a conscience.

If it’s love and peace…why do you eat me?
If it’s not your mother it’s not your milk.

We toured the Cathedral Metropolitana.

We walked what seemed to be about two miles to find the Museo del Gaucho, just to find it closed for renovation.

One block from the Gaucho Museum we found a spot to sit and relax with a lemonade. The fountain in the square celebrated the anonymous heroes who in the Soledad de los Campos lost their lives in the holocaust of their ideals.

An interesting building in Montevideo.
Anti Trump sentiment.

We had lunch in the Mercado del Puerto, at Roldos, famous since 1886 for its “Medio y Medio”, a drink made from white wine and champagne.

In Independence Square, a statue honors Jose Gervasio Artigas, who first liberated Montevideo from Spanish rule in 1811.

Constitution Square
A shop cat.
In Zabala Square, a statue of Bruno Mauricio de Zabala. He founded Montevideo in 1726.
An art shop where I found a painting I liked. It was too expensive to bring home

We had dinner near the port. We watched as the manager gently guided a dog out of the restaurant. He was smiling as he did it. The dog didn’t stay away. We saw several patrons feed the dogs, all of whom were friendly and looked in good shape.

Seafood casserole.

We also toured the Pre-Columbian and Indian Art Museum

The people here seem very pro cat and dog. The city is clean and mostly friendly. From Montevideo we will be traveling north into the center of the country.

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2 Responses to Uruguay, first impression.

  1. Teresa Favazza says:

    Interesting, artistic and like the green store front in Montevideo.

  2. Rich says:

    Great first impressions of Uruguay – thanks for sharing! Love the street scenes and the photos of the Mercado. And I always enjoy your commentary too. Looking forward to following your travels through the country.

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