Birds, butterflies, and afternoon tea.

The entrance to the original old Hotel Majestic, built in 1932. We are staying in the newer part. The older section has beautiful tile floors and interiors.
The original 1932 portion of the Hotel Majestic.

On our second full day in Kuala Lumpur we were on our own. After the two guided tours and a lot of activity, we wanted some time in a more peaceful setting. The KL Bird Park, the world’s largest free-flight walk-in aviary, was within walking distance of our hotel.

We wandered through the bird park for about two hours. Despite the early hour, it was quite hot and humid.

The walk-in aviary.

Our plan after the aviary was to walk to the orchid garden. Stepping into a gift shop to find temporary relief from the heat and humidity, the sales person told us the orchid garden was closed. He saved us a bit of walking. He asked where we were from. When we said the United States, he said “I’m sorry to say but your last president made America look stupid.” We agreed with him and it led to more discussion.

A butterfly in the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park.

A short walk from the Bird Park we found the Butterfly Park. It was a truly peaceful place. Walking through the darting butterflies, around ponds and fountains, it was so hot and humid it felt like we were being misted. But the many butterflies were so beautiful we stayed about an hour.

The butterflies even land on your shoes. Already drenched by noon, we decided the hot afternoon was best spent in the hotel pool. So we headed back to the Hotel Majestic.

A butterfly on my shoe.

By 3 pm we had cooled sufficiently and were ready to try the hotel’s afternoon tea. It runs from 3 to 6 pm and is quite popular. They had a pianist at the piano.

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2 Responses to Birds, butterflies, and afternoon tea.

  1. Hisae Homma says:

    Did you have room for dinner after having afternoon tea?

  2. Teresa Favazza says:

    Afternoon Tea in a wine glass 🤔

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