Hanko to Turku

Reluctantly we left our friends in Hanko and drove to Turku. We will be spending Midsummer in the Finnish archipelago. True to the road signs, we did see a moose. It crossed the road just outside of Hanko. So far that is the only moose we have seen.

The drive was scenic, through mostly farm country.

In Turku we stopped for lunch and a walk along the river.

The Turku Cathedral

From Turku we drove the short distance to the island of Ruissalo. We will have two nights here at the Ruissalo Spa and Hotel, located in the middle of a natural park.

From the website:

Once the hunting island for the court of Turku Castle, the island is easily accessible by land or by sea. Scenic and well-maintained bike paths offer comfortable distances for the whole family. The rocky outcrops, beautiful sandy beaches, distinctive nature, rolling fields and pretty gardens will lead to love at first sight for all who visit the island.

From the hotels swim dock.
The midsummer bonfire prepped for lighting.
The view of the marina from our room.
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1 Response to Hanko to Turku

  1. Teresa Favazza says:

    Scenic countryside, flowers reminds me of what my Grandmother grew in her yard maybe because her Parents and Grandparents were from Finland
    Enjoy the journey 🥂

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