Back In Business

My mother's house in Oregon.

My mother’s house in Oregon.

There has been research suggesting that taking photos hampers ones ability to remember that specific occasion, and a recent Time Magazine article detailing the same.

Elk in our field.

Elk in our field.

All the research in the world though cannot change the fact that some of us love to take photographs and consider photography our number one hobby.  I have been on a forced sabbatical from this due to the theft of my Nikon D80 in Buenos Aires this past February.  But now I’m back in business, thanks to my sister’s former husband and friend of the family Randy, who has become quite a serious photographer and found himself with a new Nikon D4, and was kind enough to sell me his Nikon D7000 at a reasonable price.

The neighbor's horses.

The neighbor’s horses.

I spent the last week of May in Oregon getting acquainted with my new Nikon 7000.  All of the photos in this blog were taken with the new camera.

Crossing the St. John's Bridge.

Crossing the St. John’s Bridge at dusk.

We visited the Schreiner’s Iris Gardens in Kaizer, Oregon, a wonderful place to practice with a new camera and try some different settings.

Garden 1


garden 2

garden 4


purple iris

garden 3

pale pink

purple and pink



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2 Responses to Back In Business

  1. Rich says:

    Beautiful photos! You are so talented – you should never be without a camera! So glad that you are back in business!

    • Laura says:

      Thank you Rich. I appreciate that someone is looking at the photos! I do enjoy it so much. The Iris Gardens were a great place to practice.

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