Happy Father’s Day!

Dad 001

Happy Father’s Day Dad!


What do you get the dad who has everything?  How about a big “thank you” for a lifetime of fatherly support and good advice.

Two of my dad’s best pieces of advice are as follows:

“Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you.”  I live my life by this and it has proved true.  My cars thank you dad.

Dad with 2 cars

“You can do anything, as long as you set your mind to it.”  More good advice from dad.  We all had the utmost confidence and have kept striving.

Taxi in the snow

I also would like to thank my dad for passing on to me his love of cars.  He has it in spades, and I think I inherited some of it.

My dad and his cars and trucks.  We used to think he loved them more than us, but now I know that wasn’t true.  The cars just gave him less trouble than we did.

Dad, 1956 001

Dad, Laury, 1946 pickup



 Dad and Laury


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