Getting Into The Gaucho Groove

We came to San Pedro for horseback riding and relaxation. We found both. Beto took us and one other guest on a very nice ride in the surrounding area. We saw several herds of horses and some cattle.

Me on Enfermera.
Beto leading the way.
We spot a herd of horses in the stand of trees.
Tucker on Cortico watch the horses.
I’m a convert to these saddles. They are the most comfortable saddles I’ve ever tried. I’m done with western saddles for good.
On another morning we rode with a large group. An Uruguayan family was visiting the ranch and everyone rode.
A barn.
A barn with crucified Jesus.

Here at San Pedro de Timote they really know how to throw an outdoor dinner party. There was a large corporate conference staying at the estancia when we first arrived. It was an agricultural group of some sort. We were lucky to be here during their last evening. The estancia put on an outdoor barbecue for about 100 people. They had two guitar players. It was wonderful to experience, although we do not eat meat.

Prepping for the big party.

On another evening they cooked out in front of the estancia. They build a large fire, and as the red hot coals fall, the coals are spread under the food for cooking. The food is not cooked over the flame.

The fire on the side drops coals, which are then shoveled under the meat.
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