Last Look

San Pedro de Timote is a good place to find peace and relaxation. The food was good, but the desserts were great.

San Pedro de Timote from the tower.
On the day we left, we watched as the large family group started out on the morning ride.
It reminded me of the paintings in the library.

Leonardo and Brian, two of the waiters in San Pedro’s restaurant, were very helpful. We quickly learned to not miss postre at the end of the meal.

As we started to drive out of the property for the last time, we saw some of the horses from the fields come up to the watering trough.

Our last sight of the estancia was this mama and her baby, watching us closely, as we left the grounds.

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1 Response to Last Look

  1. Sartenada says:


    Very beautiful. I also love the art which was including in this post. Thank you

    Have a good day!

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