Images of Hanko, Finland

Hanko is a beautiful coastal town in southern Finland. There is a walking path along the water that leads out of town and takes you past villas, many with names and dates painted on the side.

Villa Mejia
Villa Margita 1890 along Appelgrenintie
Villa d’Angleterre 1881
The view of Italahti Ostra viken from the trail.
The House Of Four Winds.
I’ve tried salmon soup all over Sweden. This soup at Club Origo in Hanko is the best yet. It is the closest I’ve ever had to my mother’s own soup.
A shop in Hanko.
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2 Responses to Images of Hanko, Finland

  1. Rich says:

    I want to be there and sample the salmon soup! Love the pictures of the beautiful old wooden homes along the waterfront path.

  2. Teresa Favazza says:

    Really like the House of Four Winds on the rocks beautiful, plus you’re having great weather and eating delicious food enjoy. Life doesn’t get any better than that 😊

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